You’ve probably noticed that I’ve started emailing more frequently. I’ll explain why in a second. Before I do, I wanted to share a complaint I received this week:

“Dude your emailing way to much. Your going to destroy your list.”

This is what I used to think too.

What’s odd is this person didn’t unsubscribe. I actually checked.

You know what else is odd?

My email open rates have actually increased.  More importantly, I’ve heard back from some amazing people on my list. People who I want to interact with because they’re smart, action oriented and make shit happen. And oddly enough, I’ve actually increased my sales. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Keep this little nugget between us. If you have a business, maybe this secret will be helpful for you!)

How about that “Mr. You Email Too Much!”

The truth is that I don’t honestly care if you unsubscribe from my emails. I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing for me. I’m writing to become a better writer. I’m writing to improve my skillz, y’all.

I also honestly believe that if you opt-out of my emails, you lose. You really do.

You have far more to lose opting out of my emails, than I do having you on my list. I realize this may sound a little conceited, but it’s true. This is how I feel. I work very hard on what I write. It’s like I’m having a mental fist-fight with myself with each keystroke.

In addition, I bury little gems in each email that you can use to make your life better. It’s your job to look for, find, and use each hidden gem to your advantage, like the one I shared in this email.

The crazy part is most people aren’t hunting for treasure. They’re too distracted with unimportant stuff. They don’t have any clue that there is gold in hidden in these here woods! They completely miss it. 🙁

Why would I be upset if these people opt-out? It’s their loss. More than likely, I’m never going to be able to help them anyway, so it’s best for them move on.

One final point for you to consider, and this point is actually one of my 19 Cashflownaire Principles:

17. Opinions to not matter. This includes the opinions of experts. This also includes your own opinions. The only thing that really matters is: fact. Actual results matter. Almost everything we hear is an opinion, and we accept these opinions as fact. This is a costly mistake.

So don’t assume sending more emails to your list is going to destroy your list, unless you send crappy emails.

If you’re still here and you’re someone who does see the treasure buried within my words, you have to get my Cashflownaire Newsletter. You really do.

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