Over the weekend, I received the following question:

“Hi Rob. I appreciate your emails. Just curious, I noticed you have begun emailing every day. Do you mind sharing if your audience/sales have improved? Do you feel like it’s a long term to email daily? Are you worried about running out of engaging things to write about? “

About a month ago, I started sending daily emails to my database. You’ve probably noticed.  🙂

I decided to starting writing daily emails for two reasons:

1. My mission is to help people achieve the Position of F#$k You. The main tool I use to help people achieve this “state of mind” is through my Cashflownaire membership. I put my heart and soul into this membership. I really do. It’s my most important work… by a wide margin. It would be silly of me to put my heart and soul into something and not tell the world about it every darn day, especially if it will help you transform your life.

2. To improve my writing skills. Sending a daily email forces me to write A LOT. This writing isn’t just copy and paste stuff. In many cases one email requires an hour of thinking and writing. Sending a daily email forces me to work hard and these skills compound over time. This means I get a little better every day. Who knows, if I keep this up every day, I may become world class in the next 30 years!

However, it’s important to understand that I try to reward the person who reads my emails. I understand your time is extremely important. If you’re going to spend 30 seconds reading something I’ve sent you, you must benefit in some way. This means I have to teach you something, make you think about something or make laugh at something.

This is why the emails take so much effort to write. You have to benefit from each and every one.

So to answer the actual question:

Yes, my sales have grown from writing daily emails.

However, what’s actually more important is that my relationship with my database (YOU) has improved significantly. I’ve heard back from some amazing people and it’s easy to see these people think about what I share.

This is the most rewarding aspect of writing daily.

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