In these here little Diddies, you’ve probably noticed that I do my best to try and use everything I come across to my advantage. I do this so much that I’m actually thinking of ordering new business cards with the following title:


In recent Diddies, I’ve used the following to share ideas or teach lessons: incoming texts I’ve received, incoming emails I’ve received, incoming voicemail messages I’ve received, TV shows I’ve watched, books I’ve read, mistakes I’ve made, workouts I’ve done and conversations I’ve had with other people I’ve met.

The reason why is because life typically gives us so much valuable information. If we’re creative enough, we can usually use all of this information to our advantage in one way or another. We can benefit from everything that flows into our lives.

One of the best questions you can learn to ask yourself on a daily basis is….

How Can I Profit From This?

Now, I certainly realize it won’t be easy to follow through with this every day. I know because I’ve been doing this myself and it takes time to train yourself to “see” these opportunities. It’s important to understand that the better you get answering this question the better your life will be in the future.

Think about how your life might look at this time next year, IF you followed through with asking AND answering this question every single day starting TODAY. At a minimum, you would have uncovered 365 new ideas you could use to profit from. Not too bad, huh?

Maybe there really is something to this compounding thing?

To help you get started right now, join my Cashflownaire Membership here and “study” this month’s newsletter. And by “studying,” I’m suggesting that you read, underline and consider everything I’ve written as it applies to your life asking yourself this important question. Seriously, don’t just read it like the average person would. Absorb it. Think about it. Question it and use it to your advantage.

P.S. Hopefully, you’ve actually noticed how you can profit from this little Diddy. I’ve actually given you two ways. I hope you see both of them!