In The Narrow Road – A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money by Felix Dennis, he wrote the following:

“While there are qualities that may assist one to succeed more quickly in becoming rich from a standing start – discipline, confidence, self-belief, flexibility, being lucky, a thick hide, the ability to focus, the knack of learning to listen and learning from listening, an early inclination to delegate and to motivate those around you – nothing can compete with tenacity. Tenacity will eventually trump all other qualities, whether inherited, acquired, or mimicked.”

Tenacity is defined by the as:

…the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose

Now for the cool part…

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re still grinding it out in this business, you definitely have tenacity.

I applaud and admire you.

A significant number of real estate agents have left our industry, but you haven’t. These agents who have left were not tenacious. You are and this separates you from everyone else. Over the last few years, you have learned to adapt to the changes in the market. You have developed new skills and learned how to handle difficult situations.

You are still in the ring fighting. After what you’ve been through in your business, nothing can stop you! Take a second to think about this, because it’s very important.


I mean this sincerely. I have talked to agents who have suffered significant financial loss. Some have lost their homes. Some have filed for bankruptcy. Some have had to shut down their small companies and move into larger brokerages. Through all of this, they are still fighting!

Simply awesome.

Any agent who is willing to keep fighting through everything that has happened will eventually succeed.

Your odds of success are guaranteed because you have tenacity.

I’m not a big fan of Destiny’s Child, but this song definitely celebrates you and your tenacity!

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