I’m sharing this video from Casey Neistat for two reasons:

1. Casey is an incredible storyteller and we can learn a lot from him for our own marketing. Storytelling is extremely powerful and unfortunately we don’t typically use it to our advantage in real estate. A few weeks ago, I ended up finding Casey Neistat through Ryan Holiday. Since this time, I have gone on to watch almost all of his videos with my entire family. We all love Casey. I’ll bet the same will happen for you, if you decide watch a few of his videos. He is an incredible inspiration and has a unique ability to entertain and educate at the same time.

Think about how powerful this is for a minute.

What would happen to your business if your marketing could compel someone to want to consume everything you’ve put out? Take some time to study Casey and see if you can incorporate some storytelling in your own marketing. How can you entertain, educate and sell – all at the same time? How can you compel prospects to want to read and watch everything you’ve done?

2. I made the exact same mistake Casey shares in this video, although he refers to it as a failure. Casey shares how he basically quit after selling a TV show to HBO. I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back I can now “see” that I basically quit after selling my real estate business. Selling my business for 7 figures was my greatest achievement and it also became my greatest failure, too.

I walked away from real estate and started a gym. The gym did okay, but I couldn’t pull the trigger to grow the business. I kind of felt that I didn’t need to. Been there, done that. I had already proved myself once and didn’t need to do it again. Casey is 100% correct when he says, “You never actually make it.”

You should never allow yourself to coast. You should never allow yourself to get comfortable. You should never allow yourself to settle. And you should never allow yourself to quit.

“Comfort = Decline”

The reason why is because settling isn’t fun. In fact, it kind of sucks.

It sucks because you have nothing to live for. You don’t have any challenges to try and overcome. You have nothing to build and you have nothing to create and this makes life empty.

The struggle and fight you go through to build your business is where fun, excitement and happiness is in life. When you remove the struggle and fight, you remove the fun, excitement, and happiness.

I didn’t realize any of this when I was going through it. Back then my goal was to “retire” and enjoy life.

I ended up “retiring” and hating life. I was grumpy all of the time. I complained about small things. I became less resourceful. I wouldn’t pursue opportunity because.. “it just wasn’t worth it.”

I turned into a grumpy old man and this isn’t a fun way to live.

Never settle. Never retire. Never allow yourself to make it. You’ll be miserable.

Side Note: For many years, I could never understand why one of my mentors continued to work crazy hours after accumulating a significant net worth. He could have lived comfortably for life off of his net worth. Well, it was for this exact reason. My mentor understood that fun, excitement and happiness is in the struggle. He understood how miserable life is when you’re not building, creating, and struggling.

    3 replies to "You Never Actually Make It? One of my mistakes…"

    • Roberino Mintonono

      WE can relate – Sherry and Richard

    • Joe Faulstich

      Tony Robbins says, “Either you are growing or you are dying.”

      My goal is to be totally financially free, but retire, NEVER!

      • Robert Minton

        Joe – You have a great plan! Somewhere along the way I saw financial freedom as a period of no need for work… a period of leisure. I drank a lot of wine and read numerous philosophy books. It was fun for a short period of time, but soon became a miserable way to live. Working after you achieve financial freedom is a hell of a lot of fun!

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