Look at me writing subject lines like I’m some kind of dating guru! LOL

Yes, I put the _________ in the subject line to get you to open this. (I am shameless.) Here’s the real subject line:

Women love men who are debt-free

Yep, it’s true. Women love debt-free men. Seriously.

Let me elaborate with this little diddy….

One of our neighbors met her boyfriend in high school. They are now in their mid twenties and are still dating ten years later. They dated all throughout college and still aren’t engaged. Well, it turns out that she won’t get engaged to her boyfriend until he pays off his student loan debt.

How badass is that?

This particular neighbor is pretty smart. When she graduated from high school, she decided to go to our local community college for two years. She lived at home during these two years and shaved over 50k off the cost of college. She transferred into her college of choice in her junior year and finally moved into the dorm. When she graduated two years later, she had ZERO student loan debt.

Her boyfriend didn’t copy her plan. Instead, he went straight to the expensive college for his freshman year. When he graduated five years later, he ended up owing a great deal in student loans.

Our neighbor ain’t got no time for that.

She wants him to be debt-free when he proposes. She wants him to be in the glorious Position of F You before they get engaged.

I think this super cool.

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