One morning last year, I was studying some of the best marketing headlines in history and stumbled across this one…

How to Get $373,500 Out of $300,000 House

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out who wrote the headline after researching it further. 🙁

However, this headline stuck in my head for the next week because it’s sooo good!

If you had the slightest thought of selling a home, wouldn’t you want to know how to get an extra 73k with your home sale?

That’s why this headline is so powerful.

It IS irresistible to someone thinking about selling their home.

I loved the headline so much that I ended up creating an entire marketing campaign around this headline, except my headline is…

“How You Can Make An Extra $200k When Selling Your Home.”

It’s the same marketing hook… making a lot more money when selling your home.

If you’re a real estate professional and work with sellers, you should really figure out how to use a version of this headline in your marketing.

The reason why is because it will help you build a large list of prospective sellers. Simply offer a free report detailing how a seller can make a lot more money when selling, and you’ll attract sellers by the boatload.

And since I’m a marketer, I would be foolish not to offer my marketing campaign!

You can have instant access to my entire seller marketing campaign built around this headline here.

Here’s what you’ll immediately receive with this seller campaign:

  1. Dozens of seller lead generation advertisements
  2. Opt-in website lead capture template
  3. A 10-page content report detailing how sellers can make an extra $200k when selling their homes. This report is actually a sneaky sales letter for your real estate services!
  4. A done-for-you video you can use to convert leads into listings.
  5. Copy and paste email campaigns you use with the leads you generate.

Check it out here.



My marketing campaign highlights how sellers can make more a lot more money by offering owner financing. This strategy is vastly underutilized by real estate professionals.

In just about every market, you can completely eliminate all competition by using seller financing. You can help your clients make a lot more money. You can also attract far more buyers to your listings, as there aren’t any other homes listed for sale with owner financing.

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