Below is a screenshot I took a week ago of a website listed for sale. The website is:


The website is only two years old, but seems to have a lot of traffic. More importantly, the website appears to be generating revenue of $677 per month from Google Adsense.

If you had a business designed to help people with pain relief, this website might be an incredible opportunity to add a new income stream to your business very quickly. For example, if you were a Chiropractor, you could purchase this website and would be able to start collecting the monthly Adsense revenue. You could also start offering your own products, services, and supplements through the acquired website bringing in additional revenue, too.

The last time I reviewed this website listing, there were 30 bids and the price was at $9,000. I’m sure the actual numbers have changed since this screenshot. Assuming someone could purchase this website for under $15,000, they would have an asset paying them $677 per month, or $8,124 a year. This is a 54% annual return BEFORE tapping into extra income opportunities. For the right person with an existing business, this could be an incredible investment opportunity.

When my real estate business was in growth mode, I would easily invest $5,000 to $10,000 each month for lead generation. This investment would include several advertorials in larger newspapers, and dozens pay-per-click marketing campaigns. The return from this investment came slowly as we converted leads generated into home sales. We were selling around 25 homes each month, so this investment was paid back many times over.

I’m starting to wonder how things may have changed had I pursued active website purchases as part of my marketing process??? It’s kind of hard to think about, because this idea could have opened the doors for some amazing opportunities. Each website acquired would be another income producing asset. All the content in each website could have been leveraged throughout other websites. Your database would increase in size dramatically opening up many new affiliate marketing opportunities. Plus, if you continued to grow the various websites increasing the revenue, you could eventually sell them at higher price points down the road.

Your marketing investment would be to acquire income producing assets instead of running lead generating advertisements.

Another profitable opportunity possible with this idea would be to move your business from a local business to a national business. Instead of marketing locally, you would own assets with a national audience. If you work with investors and investment properties, you might have the ability to sell local investment properties to your new national audience blowing away your local competition.

This website was listed for sale on  I started following this website a year ago. The reason why I started following the website is because I was looking for a website to buy with my oldest daughter. My thinking was to buy a website together and use the opportunity to teach her about marketing, business, and money. The trick is finding a website she would be passionate about.  We haven’t purchased a website and I haven’t used other than reviewing sites listed for sale. I’m not endorsing Flippa and certainly understand there may be challenges and pitfalls to buying a website.

The reason I’m sharing this is because I think it might be worth the hassle and pitfalls IF you could find a website for sale that provided synergy with your existing business. In fact, if you could find the “right” website, it might be one of your best investment opportunities.


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