Today’s post will be very short because I’m working like a little mad man to prepare to launch new membership for real estate agents. Yes, this is a picture of me working like a little mad man. My daughter sneaked into my home office and shot this picture. I didn’t even notice…

I have good news for my blog readers!

I actually just decided to add a Special FREE Bonus for every real estate agent who signs up for my new membership! I’m going to give you my entire audio program with Dan Kennedy titled "Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents." Dan Kennedy told me I was crazy to give this away because this program normally sells for $398.

In the complete Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents audio program, Dan and I teach the following…

  1. How to sign buyers to exclusive buyer agreements
  2. How to attract more referrals to your business
  3. Income acceleration strategies
  4. Specific time management strategies for real estate agents
  5. How to build a powerful team
  6. Costly agent mistakes and how you can avoid them

This entire program includes over 20 hours of audio recordings. I’ll even include the transcripts of each and every recording for you, too!

You’ll get to listen to Dan Kennedy answer marketing and business building questions specifically for real estate agents! This doesn’t happen very often. This program is extremely powerful for those of you who will listen and apply the lessons we reveal in the program!

If you want to get my complete Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents absolutely FREE, grab one of the limited membership spaces in my new membership, which will be launched on Monday, August 25th. Tomorrow!

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