This post is part 2 of my previous post titled  “If I could only be healthy for just one day.” In my previous post, I shared the story of a comment made by an older gentleman who was receiving chemotherapy treatment. He had shared how challenging life had become due to his cancer and wanted me to realize that our health is much more important than we realize. Most people, including myself, take our health for granted and then end up paying the price down the road.

At Ted 2010, William Li gave a presentation highlighting foods you can eat that help prevent cancer. I’ve included this presentation for you below and hope you take the 20 minutes to watch it. It gets a little technical, but stay with it because it might just change your life. He shares how the foods we eat can create the same impact of having chemotherapy four times a day:

As I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s really nothing more important than health; all the money, freedom, and friends in the world mean nothing if we’re not around or able to enjoy the experiences

Too many people these days are actively trading their health for money, because we feel money is the most important “asset” we can have. Money is simply paper and can be created simply by adding value to your prospects and clients.

Achieving health, on the other hand, requires steady dedication over a lifetime. While there is no shortcut or quick fix, health is not particularly complex: eat well, get plenty of exercise.

I think this is something that we should all be paying attention to; this little economic roller coaster ride that we’re all on is going to be pretty bumpy for the next decade or so… and consequently, this is NOT the time that you want to let your health deteriorate, if ever.

And remember from my previous post, you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes, heart problems, stroke, or cancer by 78% with these four rules:

  • avoid smoking
  • exercise three and a half hours a week (about 35 minutes a day, 6 days a week)
  • maintain a body mass index of less than 30 (the cutoff point for obesity)
  • and eat a diet favoring fruits, vegetables and whole grains


Want to see how many years of life you have left? Take the Living To 100 Life Expectancy Calculator. You can see where you stand right now and some of the changes you might want to consider making.

    4 replies to "How to Prevent Cancer Through The Foods You Eat"

    • Nishika Jones

      It is unfortunate that we rely so heavily on drugs to medicate symptoms that can easily be CURED with the proper diet. But like you said, everyone thinks money is the most important asset in life so we do what’s more profitable. Thank you for raising the point.

    • Richard Teran

      Thank you Rob! It is intuitive that we are what we eat, and foods themselves can cause, prevent, grow or shrink illnesses in us, but it is GREAT to find this information that was scientifically researched and put into such a concise and useable format for us. The “20 minutes” to view it turned into three hours of review and sending information to family and friends. This is a big blessing for me – my wife and I both lost our dads to cancer a few years ago and we are in charge of the physical health ministry at church – I promise that everyone I know will have this information at their disposal.

    • Amy Haenner

      Thank you for your research and diligence in getting the word out that food DOES matter and can prevent cancers as well as other diseases! Very informative video!

    • Cherie' Bell

      Hi Rob, Just wanted to thank you for this excellent post! Love your continual inflow of quality information whether it be Real Estate related or in other areas such as health. You are right on about money versus health and we all need to be pursue whatever it takes to maintain our good health or improve poor health. Learning what we can do on a personal basis and then putting it into practice is key in all things. I thank you for sharing so much with so many. God bless you for your heart to help others.

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