I recently read an article on Lifehacker.com where the writer shared Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret. The author, Brad Issac met Seinfeld and asked him how to become a better comic. Seinfeld’s answer was…

“Never Break The Chain”

Seinfeld went on to suggest that the way to become a better comic was to write jokes every day.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

By writing more jokes, you would become a better joke writer. The reason why is because what you focus on improves. Seinfeld went one step further and suggested using a large wall calendar to help reinforce the daily habit of joke writing. Each day he wrote jokes, he would mark a red “X” on his wall calendar:

The key, according to Seinfeld, was to never break the chain of “X’s.” This simply means that Seinfeld forced himself to write new jokes every single day. This one daily focus helped him become one of the highest paid comedians in the world.

As I read this article, I remembered something Dan Kennedy shared with me years ago. Dan told me that business owners should do something every single day to get new clients and customers. In fact, this is what Dan does personally. He does not let a day pass without doing something that will bring in a new customer at some point in the future. Dan is always thinking about what he calls – “The Future Bank.” The “Future Bank” is the income and wealth that will be created from a new customer and the only way to build the “Future Bank” is to focus on increasing it every single day.

By combining Seinfeld’s calendar idea with Kennedy’s focus, we can create more profitable businesses. Simply Google “calendar” and print out a calendar page for each month and keep it on your desk or wall. You want to be able to see this calendar all of the time. Set a goal to do something every single day to get a new client. Each day you do something to get a new client, mark you calendar with a red “X.”


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    • Chris

      Makes complete sense. Will Smith has a very similar philosophy. You build a wall one brick at a time.

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