Most real estate agents study other real estate agents to look for ideas they can use in their real estate businesses. The idea is to copy success and this definitely does work. However, it’s not very innovative. A better approach is to study businesses OUTSIDE of real estate and copy their successful strategies INSIDE your real estate business. Well, I recently stumbled across a great marketing strategy that you may want to study and copy for your real estate business:

Right now, The Future of Health Now 2012 is hosting an free online event that features 20 health and fitness experts. Anyone can attend this free online event simply by opting in with their email address. From what it looks like, this event is being sponsored by Whole Foods, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the X Prize Foundation. It’s a pretty cool event with some great presenters.

If you visit their website at and scroll down, you’ll see a list of the experts and the various presentations that will be included in the online event.

This is an incredible strategy that you might consider using for your real estate business. You can setup a similar FREE online event featuring various experts for home buyers, sellers, and investors. These experts might include:

Home Inspector
Financial Planner
Insurance Agent
Home Staging Expert
Self Directed IRA Specialist
Real Estate Professional (YOU)

Setup a opt-in website similar to The Future of Health Now featuring each expert and a highlight of what they’ll be covering in their presentation. Each expert included in the online event would market the event to their database of prospects, current clients and past clients. As people register to attend this online event, they’ll be added to your database and you’ll be able to build a relationship with each one going forward through your email newsletters.

You may be able to double, triple or quadruple the size of your database with high quality leads for FREE. More importantly, you’ll have instant expert positioning with each person who opts-in to attend the online event because you’ll be one of the experts presenting. Expert positioning is extremely important for you and will help your business immensely, because you will no longer be compared to other agents in your market.

The best part of this online event is that it doesn’t have to be “live.” You can simply interview each expert over-the-phone and record this interview. When you want to release this presentation as part of your online event, simply email a link to the recorded interview to everyone who signed up to attend the event. Go back and review The Future of Health Now opt-in page and you’ll notice that this is not a “LIVE” event. They are simply releasing recorded interviews on specific days. I would recommend this teleseminar service for your expert interviews because you can record them with a click of the mouse and you’ll be able send an email link to each online interview in seconds.

In my Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents book, I shared an idea on how to get free high quality leads and instant expert positioning by writing a book with various experts. Each expert would write a chapter for the book and the book would then be marketed to each expert’s database. This idea would provide high quality free leads and instant expert positioning, too. The problem; however, is that writing a book is a great deal of work and it’s challenging to get various experts to write their chapter for the book.

This “free online event” strategy eliminates the majority of the work and provides the exact same end result.

In my Referrals on Steroids program, I show agents how to use content reports as a tool to generate high quality free leads. The idea is to have other professionals market a great content report from you to their database. To get your great free content report, the other professional’s prospects and clients would have to opt-in giving you their email address. These opt-ins would now be high quality leads in your database!

All three of these ideas, if used, would allow you to build your database of quality prospects for FREE. This “free online event” strategy may be the best approach because it can be setup with minimal work and would give great exposure to each expert included in the event. What insurance agent/lender/financial planner wouldn’t want free exposure to all of the online event participants?

If this is something you would want to do for your business, here’s your action plan:

1. Make a list of the experts you might want to include in your online event and approach them with the idea. You’ll simply be interviewing them over the phone and can provide the questions in advance.
2. Setup your teleseminar phone service so you can quickly record the interviews and replay them online as part of your free online event.
3. Setup your opt-in page to market the event and capture email addresses. I would strongly suggest copying the format of The Future of Health Now and using it as the format for your online event.
4. Write the marketing emails each expert would use to market the event to their database. I would give them 5 to 10 emails they can use before and after the event.

That’s it. Not too hard, right?

You could also market your free online event to the public with direct response advertisements including pay-per-click, facebook, print advertising, solo emails, direct mail and more. You might also send a few press releases to local news outlets to attract free publicity to drive more attention to the event and build a bigger database.

This really is one of the best marketing strategies I’ve seen in years and I strongly suggest you do something similar for your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.S. You should also register to attend the Future of Health 2012 online event for two reasons. The first reason is that there are some great experts in the line-up and you’ll learn a great deal about how to be healthier. I will be listening to many of these presentations myself. The second reason to register is so that you can see how they handle each presentation when it’s released. This may give you a few ideas on how to release your presentations.

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    • Robin Ruddy

      Thanks for the great post. What do you recommend using for setting up the opt-in page? I am stuck on that step.

      • Rob Minton


        Great question. I will write a follow-up post with a few recommendations for your opt-in page later this week!


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