I few years ago, I went on an 8-day diving trip to Cozumel. I had just received my open water scuba diving certification and signed up to attend a diving trip with my local scuba diving shop. It was an incredible trip and I was blown away by what you see and experience diving. I swam with sharks, huge sea turtles, eagle rays, eels and more. Amazing!

I took my computer and worked for a few hours each morning, but finished before breakfast and enjoyed the rest of the day diving, tooling around Cozumel and hanging out with some of the other divers on our trip. In fact, I became good friends with many on the trip and was surprised to learn that scuba divers, in general, are higher income and higher net worth individuals.

Several people on the trip owned their own businesses. There were also several people on the trip in the medical profession, which included doctors and high level management in various medical facilities. Many of these people are actually scuba dive instructors with hundreds of dives under their
belts. They are very passionate about diving.

If you work with real estate investors in your business, you might want to experiment with targeting scuba divers as a new marketing campaign. Here are a few marketing ideas for you to consider:

1. Find the scuba diving shops in your area and there may be several. See if you can pay to advertise in their newsletters. The advertisements you should try and run in their newsletters would be advertorial style advertisements offering something for free. (Free report, free list of income properties, free list of foreclosures, etc.) One idea for a headline for this free offer might be:

“How to get someone else to pay for your next dive trip!”

The advertorial could be about buying a foreclosed home as an investment and using the cash flow as a dive trip fund! At the end, offer a free report and a list of the best cash flow investment properties.

2. See if you can do a marketing joint venture with the scuba shop owner. You do a physical mailing to your database marketing their shop and maybe a free scuba dive discovery day and they market you to their database of customers offering something of yours for free. Maybe you could offer to teach a free class on how to acquire attractive income properties. Or maybe you can offer to setup a tour of great investment properties in your area.

3. If you have the ability to offer property management services to new clients, you might even consider testing an advertorial or two in the national dive magazines. Google “dive magazine” and you’ll probably find a few national diving advertising opportunities. I’m subscribed to two different diving magazines.

4. Get certified and sign up for a dive trip through your local scuba shop. I promise you’ll meet and become friends with many high income folks. More importantly, you’ll have a blast and experience something truly amazing. These relationships will lead to new clients and many referrals.

During my dive trip to Cozumel, I became friends with the owner of the dive shop. I began asking her questions about her business and found that her business grew significantly in 2009. In fact, she almost doubled the size of her shop. Do you remember 2009? It was a horrible year for most businesses due to the economy. Apparently these business challenges didn’t impact the diving community. This is something to really pay attention to because their customers are higher net worth individuals.

She also said she opened her shop primarily to accommodate her lifestyle. Before this trip,  I’ve didn’t consider a “lifestyle” business. I’ve always started businesses for income and/or wealth. She loved to dive and loved hanging out with divers. Her business gave her the opportunity to take numerous diving trips a year and help others find the beauty of diving. She said she never really cared too much about money. It was more about living her ideal life. And I can honestly say, she is one of the happiest people I’ve met in a long-time. She and her husband are tons of fun and you can’t help but have a great time when you’re with them. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

If diving isn’t you’re thing, I found another interesting commonality among the divers on our trip. A very high percentage of these higher net worth divers have motorcycles…specifically Harley Davidson motorcycles. This means you could use the same marketing ideas in this article with your local Harley Davidson dealership. “Free Report Details How You Can Get Someone Else To Buy Your Next Harley!

I’d be willing to bet your competitors aren’t marketing to these two niches.


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