Video has become an incredible tool that you can use to generate more leads, convert more prospects into clients and use as a retention tool for your existing clients. You've probably noticed marketers in other industries using video in their businesses. This is because video is a very powerful marketing tool.

There are four main strategies for you to use video in your real estate business.

1. To generate new leads: You have unlimited options to use video for lead generation. You could post a video on YouTube and use this video to move prospects to your lead generation website. Or you could create a video and offer it in your marketing for free. The free video should be targeted to your desired prospect. If you were looking for luxury home buyers, create a video summarizing the three biggest mistakes luxury home buyers make when buying a home. In order to watch the video, a prospect would have to give you their contact information.

2. To systematically convert prospects into clients: Let's assume your goal is to get new listings. You could turn your listing presentation into a video and market this video to your database. At the end of the video, include a special offer that draws prospects to you. A special offer might be a 14-day Listing Test Drive where the seller can see your listing plan in action for two weeks before committing to a longer-term listing agreement. This video could be leveraged over and over again to systematically generate new listings.

3. To sell homes: "Showing" is 10 times better than "telling." You can create an awesome video showing prospects one of your listings. I've created a sample video for you here to give you an idea of what's possible:

Believe it or not, I created this video for free in about five minutes using pictures from my MLS and free video software. You don't have to be a computer geek to create these videos. You could create a new video like this one and email a link to your database. Oh, and if you don't have any listings, you could create similar videos on other agents' listings and market these videos to your buyer's list. Go find a fantastic home and turn the pictures into a cool little video!

4. As a client retention tool: Real estate sales is a relationship business. This means that we must constantly focus on building relationships with our clients. You could create short videos highlighting what's going on in your life or summarizing what's going on in your real estate market. You could talk about the average days on market, how quickly homes are selling or what the average selling prices are for different cities in your marketplace. Think "video newsletter."

Videos have become one of the best marketing tools available, and real estate agents don't seem to be using this opportunity to their advantage. Sure agents use visual tours, but there are many additional strategies for videos in your marketing.

The good news is that every video you create becomes a "Sales Asset" for your business.Once the video is created, you can use it over and over again. Imagine having your listing presentation turned into a video. You could send this video to new leads generated using email auto-responders and systematically convert new prospects into clients. Priceless.

If you'd like to learn the details of how create videos for your business, I highly recommend Renegade Traffic, which is available for instant download. This program was originally priced at $77, but was recently reduced to just $14.95. More information is available at

    2 replies to "4 Ways You Can Use Video in Your Marketing to Sell More Homes"

    • Sean Goerss

      Rob, great idea using Animoto for listings.
      Our co-founder, Shay Schwartzman, did a 5 part training series on how to use YouTube to boost your Google rankings, and most importantly generate leads from sites like YouTube and such.
      It’s at
      For people who need a simpler way to create a video-like presentation, I like that Animoto idea!

    • Ron Borg

      Thanks for the tip on Animoto… it looks like a great service. Have you seen SlideRocket? It helps you create designer styled online PowerPoint presentations… perfect for a photo slide show.

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