My favorite Ted presentation from 2010 was by James Cameron. Hopefully, you’ve heard of him because he is responsible for two of the highest grossing movies throughout history. These two movies were the Titantic and Avatar. Anyone in business should study this presentation for two reasons:

1. To learn how to turn your hobbies into income by merging your passions. (I absolutely love why he made the movie Titanic!)

2. To learn how to craft a powerful story.

Story telling is a something every marketer should study because it helps engage your prospects and keep them interested in you and your business. Cameron is undoubtedly the world’s best story teller and this is proven by his track record.

Here’s his presentation:

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    • Pat Loftus

      Wow, that was inspiring! Makes me want to explore my own creativity and imagination! I want to know more about story telling and being a leader in my own world. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Derrick Ali

      Once again… Another Great & Inspiring Post!

      I really learned a lot from this… Thanks for
      Sharing ROB!



      • Rob Minton

        Your welcome! Gotta love Cameron. Rob

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