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How hard would it be to catch one of these fish?

Probably not too hard!

What would you say if I told you that you could sell homes as easily as you could catch these fish?

Would you believe me?

Wikipedia defines “shooting fish in a barrel” as:  an idiom, describing an effortless or simple action, with guaranteed success.

Is it possible to sell homes in an effortless or simple action, with guaranteed success? If asked, most real estate agents would answer NO to this question.

Well, I would disagree with most agents. I learned how to sell homes with guaranteed success in a  a closed door mastermind meeting with Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Yanik Silver, and several other top marketers. Here’s what I learned, in this meeting, that helped me sell homes with guaranteed success:

“You can shoot fish in a barrel in your business, if you focus on solving your CUSTOMER’S biggest problem.”

We have a tendency to focus on our problems, don’t we? Right now, we all have various personal and business problems. Our time and attention is focused on solving these problems. This means our time and attention is focused on us – not our clients.

Zig Ziglar has a powerful saying which highlights the shooting fish in a barrel strategy. Here it is:

“You can have everything you want in life, IF you help enough other people get what they want.”

Amazing things happen when you focus on your customer’s biggest problem.

In my business, we helped beginning real estate investors find, acquire and manage single family home investments. We spent a lot of time teaching our clients how to become landlords. We held special classes for our clients to teach them how to:

  • Advertise their rental properties
  • Handle renter calls
  • Group rental showings
  • What to say during showings
  • How to get rental applications
  • How to screen prospective tenants
  • How to handle the lease and other related paperwork

Even though we did all of things to help our clients, some of them still struggled getting their homes rented to quality tenants. This was their biggest problem. After hearing this little lesson in the closed-door mastermind meeting, I began to focus on solving this big problem and what I ended up doing had dramatic results in my business. In fact, we began to sell multiple homes to the same clients and created an entirely new revenue stream for the business.

I shared exactly how I solved our client’s biggest problem in last week’s Automated Short Sale Machine Teleseminar. You can listen to this teleseminar right now at:

Automated Short Sale Machine Teleseminar

HINT: You might want to listen to this teleseminar recording to hear exactly what I did, because it may help you in your business. I’ve never shared this story in public before and I can assure you, it’s very powerful. You’ll be blown away by what I did. Check it out!

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    • Marvin Salone

      We have now ended up inside of marketing and advertising for a ages and then my business partner keeps telling all of us that all of us should really experiment with (blank) voice broadcasting being a means to be able to bring in prospects. I really basically believe the idea tough to acknowledge the fact this in fact will work. Everytime My spouse and i get one of those types of voice messages I personally just hang up the phone instantly nonetheless he says that it comes with a very cost effective way to crank out potential customers. I am nonetheless undecided but I am aware of that these other techniques our company is utilizing tend to be simply turning out to be far more (blank) expensive.

    • Isaac Gonzalez

      i have attended a few teleseminar and it is good to but lack personal interactions~-‘

    • Michel Lautensack

      They say solve other peoples problems and all your problems will go away – great post as always


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