philosophyDo you have a philosophy for your life?

This is an odd question, I know. It’s challenging to answer as a stand alone question. For me, a life philosophy is similar to an operating manual for my life. A few months ago, I drafted my life philosophy. This philosophy will always be in “draft” status and is subject to change at anytime. I try and review this life philosophy on a daily basis to keep me on track. Otherwise, I may become distracted and lose my focus.

1. My primary goal is to enjoy my life.
Our time in the universe is so small and nothing really matters as much as we think it does. Most things are UNimportant. I have nothing to accomplish before I die and there is no legacy to leave behind. If there is a legacy to leave, it is the enjoyment of life. See more here.

2. Do NOT work for money. Work to acquire income producing assets.
Working for money is a fool’s game, because you get stuck in a never ending trap and end up trading away a significant portion of your life. Focus on increasing unearned income instead. See my financial plan here.

3. We get what we settle for in life.
If there is SOMETHING in life I don’t enjoy or that isn’t bringing happiness, I have to take action to improve it. There is no need to settle and most things can be improved with a simple plan and a little compounding.

4. Keep a list of things I don’t give a fuck about. Update this list as needed.
You can see my list here.

5. Nothing needs to be forced, pushed, or strained to achieve.
For many years I believed, money followed speed. This belief caused a great deal of pressure and stress in my life as I frantically worked my ass off. I’ve finally realized there is NO urgency. There is no race. Money follows all speeds. Slow the fuck down and enjoy the ride.

6. No perfectionism.

Good is good enough.

7. EVERYTHING that happens to me is ultimately for my benefit.
It is my job to find and extract the benefit.

8. Focus on minimalism.
In almost every situation, less really is more. Find the leverage points and use them to my advantage. Oddly enough, minimalism actually gives you more out of life.

9. No comparison. Live my life, not someone else’s life.
Do not compare myself to others. Comparison is a distraction and will ultimately bring misery.

10. Money is easily replaceable.
There is no need to get worked up over money, because it is the easiest thing in the world to replace.

11.  Apply the power of compounding to every area of my life.
Almost any life goal can be achieved through compounding and time.

12. Be Thankful by Shifting “HAVE” to “GET!””
Shifting any thought surrounding “I have to!” into “I get to!” completely changes your perspective and brings instant gratitude. Examples might be:

I have to workout today —> I get to workout today.
I have to lose 20 lbs —> I get to lose 20 lbs.
I have to read 20 pages —> I get to read 20 pages.

This shift reminds us that others do not have the same opportunities we have and we are extremely lucky for these opportunities. Someone might be sick, or injured, in the hospital and cannot workout today. Or someone may not have access to books and cannot read today. I learned this lesson from James Clear.

On a high-level, my life philosophy is a summary of beliefs I choose to adopt for my life. Whether we realize it or not, our beliefs control our lives. Our beliefs are running on auto-pilot controlling everything we do.  By creating your own life philosophy (operating manual), you’re consciously choosing the beliefs that will dictate your life.

You may have noticed there are no specific goals in my life philosophy. This is because I see life philosophy (operating manual) as being separate from our goals. In fact, I want my life philosophy to ebb and flow around my goals.

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