I installed SumoMe on one of my websites as a marketing test. SumoMe is free software you can use to collect email addresses from prospects visiting your website.

Since installing this on my website, I’ve generated an additional 228 leads. These leads are on top of the leads generated from the free report offer on the right side bar of the website. 228 free leads isn’t too bad, if you ask me! Especially considering I didn’t do anything other than setting up SumoMe on the site. This all happened automatically.

With SumoMe, you can add three different lead generation tools to your website.

1. Smart Bar: Smart Bar is a small banner advertisement that flows across the top of your website. You should obviously be able to see this across the top of this site. Here’s a screen shot:


See the “Join our newsletter today for free” spanning across the top with the blue “Subscribe Now” button? This is the Smart Bar and I’ve received 62 email signups from this tool.

2. List Builder: From the SumoMe website: List Builder converts one-time visitors into lifelong readers and email subscribers by detecting the exact moment when a visitor is about to leave your site. At this point, a beautiful lightbox pops up asking for the visitors email address. Here’s how this popup looks on this site:

This box pops up when a new visitor is about to leave the site. The List Builder tool on this website has received 93 email signups.

3. Scroll Box: Offers a polite way to ask your visitors for their email address, as they finish reading your latest blog post. It is basically the same thing as the List Builder except it pops up when the visitor scrolls to the bottom of one of your blog posts. The Scroll Box on this website has received 73 email signups.

As you can see by these numbers, the List Builder tool has been the most effective with 93 email signups. The Scroll Box is in 2nd place with 73 email signups and the Smart Bar is in last place with 62 email signups.

In all three of these tools, I’m simply asking the visitor to join the newsletter. This obviously isn’t the best offer in the world and I’m honestly surprised by the number of free leads captured. I simply setup these three tools on my site and haven’t paid any attention to them. By tweaking the offers presented and offering something of higher value for free on each lead capture tool, I know I can increase the number of free leads generated.

If you have a website/blog, you should consider installing SumoMe and testing different offers. You’ll increase the number of leads generated from your website and these leads will be free as they’ll be in addition to your other lead generation advertisements.

One more thing…

As noted, the List Builder tools has been the most effective on this site. This is important information to have because you may be able to leverage this information to your advantage. When I teach lead generation strategies, I always recommend stand alone opt-in pages specific to each lead generation campaign. As an example, let’s say you offer a free report for home buyers on how they can buy a home without a monthly mortgage payment, you would setup an opt-in page with this offer separate from your main website. All advertisements for this free report would take prospects to your stand alone opt-in page for this special free report.

You could add List Builder to this stand alone free report opt-in page and you may dramatically increase the number of leads you generate from your marketing campaign. Before the prospect leaves your stand alone opt-in page for this free report, List Builder will give them a pop up and you’ll convert more leads for your free report. Add List Builder to each stand alone opt-in page and you’ll be rewarded with more leads for each and every marketing campaign!

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