If you have a database, you’ll be happy to know that a certain percentage of prospects in your database are investors. You may not have advertised for investors, but you’ve got them anyhow! Simply by applying the 80/20 rule, we can estimate that 2 out of ever 10 people in your database would be considered an investor. This is actually very good news for you and your business.

Why you might ask?

Because an investor is always an investor. What I mean by this is an investor is ALWAYS interested in good deals. Take a second and think about this…

If you have investors in your database and they’re always interested in good deals, you have the ability to sell property anytime you want. All you have to do is find a great deal and market it to your database. It’s virtually impossible for a “real” investor to walk away from a great deal. I know because I’m one of them. Every time I hear about a great investment opportunity, I automatically start thinking how I can grab it for myself.

There are several ways for you to leverage this finding in your business and it might make sense for you to focus on larger investment properties because you’ll earn a great deal more for your efforts. Compare the commission earned on the sale of a 30 unit apartment building to the commission earned on the sale of a single-family home. Which commission check would you rather have?

The good news is that it might actually be easier to sell a larger investment property to your database than it is to sell a smaller deal. I’ve sold several larger investment properties to my database over-the-phone without a single showing appointment. You can see exactly how to do this yourself in a 12-minute video.  Here it is:

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