One of the biggest overlooked marketing strategies by real estate agents is what I refer to as “Solo Email” marketing. A solo email campaign is one for which you pay to have an email you created sent to the advertiser’s email newsletter list.

This is significantly different than a banner advertisement on someone’s website. A banner advertisement is reactive because it waits for someone to come to the website and then click on the banner. Solo emails are proactive because they are actually delivered to the person’s email address. Because they are proactive, they are very effective in generating low- cost leads.

To give you an example of what I mean, think about a news-related website like a TV News station or a local newspaper’s website. In some of these websites, they offer to deliver news updates to their newsletter subscribers for free. Visitors can sign up to receive these emails and have access to up-to-date news. Below, I have included a screen shot from the website of a local newspaper in my area. You can see easily see that this newspaper is capturing email addresses of website visitors. I could contact my advertising representative and ask what it would cost to send an email to their email list of subscribers.

You can search the websites of your newspapers and TV news channels to see if they are capturing the email address of visitors. If they are, you might be able to send a solo marketing email to their list!

Imagine what would happen if you paid to have an email delivered to their list of subscribers? It would generate lead-after-lead.

How do I know?

Because I use solo marketing emails extensively in my business. An agent that I coach used this strategy with his local newspaper and generated 130 leads from one email. His cost per lead was under $3.00.

The best option would be to have one full email sent to their list.  In your email, offer something of value to the subscribers and have a link for them to click through to your website. Require the prospect to give you their name and email address to get the free item you offer. If you are unable to have a full email sent, than test a text advertisement within the articles included in the newsletter. These text advertisements pull very well and you might be surprised at how many new leads you generate using this strategy.

To get started with this new marketing strategy, I would suggest leveraging your best lead generation advertisement. You can do this by turning your advertisement into an email or text advertisement to be placed within a newsletter email. The reason I suggest  using your best lead generation advertisement is because you already know it works.  Leverage success!

In marketing, if an advertisement works in one place, it will more than likely work in other places too.

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