A brilliant marketer recently recorded a 13-minute video detailing how marketers can generate very targeted leads by advertising on Gmail. It’s probably the best lead generation strategy I’ve stumbled across in a long time. You can watch his video here:


You’ll notice in the video that the examples are not for real estate agents. This doesn’t mean you can’t use this strategy to generate very targeted leads in your business. Using his approach, you can display advertisements that specifically match what’s included in the prospect’s emails. Pretty scary, huh?

For example, let’s assume someone using Gmail in your area types an email to a friend and writes something like the following:

“I’m thinking of buying a home this summer”

You could display the following advertisement:

Thinking of buying a home this summer?
Check out this free list of beautiful homes
in YOUR AREA available below value

Do you think this advertisement would get clicked on by the person writing the email? I’m not a betting man, but I’d guess the odds of the person clicking on this advertisement are pretty high because the advertisement is a perfect match to what they’ve written their email. You could use this same strategy for seller’s, too! Consider a person writing the following email in gmail:

“I’m going to put my house up for sale in March”

You could have the following advertisement displayed:

Putting your home up for sale?
Download this shocking report detailing 7
costly mistakes sellers make when selling
their homes.

This is very advanced marketing and the good news is you can dramatically reduce your advertising costs and increase the number of leads generated by using this Gmail Advertising strategy. To learn more about Gmail advertising watch this 13-minute video:

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