Back in 2014 I wrote an article titled, “Rethinking the Monthly Newsletter“, where I challenged the concept of the monthly newsletter. In a nutshell, I suggested creating a new “content” report each month that would serve several purposes for your business.

This new content report would be used as follows:

1. As a monthly newsletter sent to your database. This newsletter would provide great content which would improve your expert positioning. In addition, the newsletter would be used to keep your name in front of your database in a cool, non-spammy way. You wouldn’t be sending low value stuff to your database. Your database would actually want to read what you send them because you’re giving them incredible value. Finally, the newsletter should be engineered to sell a homes as a disguised sales letter bringing $$$ in the door.

2. As a new free report you can use for lead generation. After sending your “content” report to your database as a newsletter, you could setup a few lead generation advertisements offering this same newsletter as a free report. The prospect would obviously have to opt-in giving your their name and email address to get the free report. You could offer this free report via advertorials, pay per click advertising, postcard, etc. and use it to attract new leads.

To give you an idea of how this looks, I’ve posted one of my newsletter/sales letters for you here:

How to Turn One Home Into Millions  How to Turn One Home Into a Million Dollars (PDF)

This is a 9-page report that can be used as a newsletter for my database. It can also be turned into a free report  and used to generate targeted leads. I could offer this free report with some of these headlines:

“Would You Buy This $50,000 Foreclosure If It Had a $1,000,000 Hidden Inside?”
“How You Can Turn ONE $50,000 Foreclosure Into $1,000,000!”
“Learn How This One Home Can Add $14,099,191 to Your Family’s Net Worth in 50 Years!”

I’m sharing this with you because I’m hoping you’ll take some time to study it. Here are a few things for you to consider as you read through the report:

1. This report could be used to sell a specific property. This property could be one of your listings, or any listing on the market. You would simply use the property you want to sell as the example in the report. Once the property sells, you could replace it with a new property and continue using the report. One report should lead to multiple home sales.

2. The report is designed to cast a wide net for lead generation. Any investor would be interested in the results offered in the headline. This means you’ll attract more leads bringing your cost per lead down.

3. The report actually sifts and sorts the prospects for you. The home profiled in the report is being purchased for cash and someone reading it who isn’t able to purchase for cash won’t respond. I only want cash investors to respond.

4. Most real estate agents want nothing to do with a prospect wanting to buy a $50,000 home. I set my own commission rate and this commission rate isn’t based upon the sales price. It IS based on the value I bring to the client. I’m able to attract clients that other agents aren’t interested in for their businesses which means less competition.

5. There are other homes available in my  marketplace similar to the home profiled in the report. I can duplicate these investment results fairly easily with other homes. The home profiled actually sold very quickly and this didn’t have any negative impact on the marketing strategy. I can sell several other similar homes without making any changes to the report.

6. With a few minor changes, this report could be used to generate leads nationally. We are very lucky here in Northeast Ohio as our home pricing is very attractive compared to other areas. Someone in California could buy a home for cash in Ohio with what they would use as a down payment in their marketplace.

7. The report sets up the possible opportunity of joint venture marketing with a financial planner or stock broker. You could make a few changes to the report highlighting a specific financial planner. This financial planner could then offer this free report to their database. Setup an opt-in page for this offer to the financial planner’s database and you’ll be able to attract high-quality leads for free.

There are a few other “hidden” marketing strategies throughout this report.

I hope you find them!

P.S. I’m kicking around the idea of providing similar “done for you” reports each month for you to use in your business. The monthly report would also include several lead generation advertisements for you to use, too. Everything would be in Word format so you could modify accordingly for your business and marketplace. If this is something you might be interested in, add your name and email below and I’ll let you know if I decide to move forward with this idea:

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    • KC Covington

      Great newsletter for the people who don’t understand rental properties. They have been the best investments I have ever made.

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